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NTP project.

My NTP project, is mostly for fun..

But also to spread knowledge in the area. And to improve the quality on NTP servers.

Please look around.

It describes different NTP time server setups.

Right now it is mostly build on raspberry pi hardware - to reduce cost. But you can build it on different hardware to

If you will donate Hardware (RPI, GPS module , NTP servers, etc.) you can ship it to my address.

Henrik Bruun
Clemens 2A, Nim
8740 Braedstrup

I want preferably at least 3 pieces of the same hardware. 1 for production . 1 for comparison. 1 to new tests.

Then I will play around with the hardware, and include them in this page. With links to webshops / sites, or comments

See my skills or call me - Cell: +45 30 58 21 25 (Don´t call for spare time projects)